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Dickies Nutz is a family run business dedicated to providing sweet and savoury nuts that are ‘clean’.

What is ‘clean’ eating?

Well this is the belief that food should be free from artificial additives and preservatives. Food should be free from processed sugars and fats such as refined sugars and trans fats that are commonly used in lots of processed foods. We have all seen the programmes on the TV showing what is in our food. Clean eating is all about trying to eat foods in its most natural state. Here at Dickies Nutz you will always be able to read the ingredients and know what they are. We use only high quality organic olive oil and dry rub spice mixes in our savoury nuts and Manuka honey to sweeten out sweet nuts and bars.

The history

The business developed as a result of making flavoured nuts for ourselves, that are clean, and a healthy addition to our diet.

We eat lots of raw nuts, which are great, but found that we could make a range of flavours that made them more appealing. So Richie and I started to experiment and came up with some tasty recipes that we liked, which were clean .

We found them popular with friends in the gym, and quickly got requests from people to make them. Soon we realised that maybe there were lots of people who liked the idea of a tasty snack that was also 'clean'. Dickies Nutz was born.

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